Heat sterilization after each use


International Chemical Indicator
  • Inside each Package , tray or container
  • Paper strips or cards
  • Validates sterilant penetration
  • Colour change strip or moving front format
  • Can measure all process parameters (integrators)


Clinical Contact Surfaces



Housekeeping Surfaces



Kills 99.9% bacteria
Kills 99.9% bacteria, working on even the microscopic level to keep your floor truly clean and protecting your family from harmful germs.






Air purifier


• for room size 20 sq.m
•Anti-Bacterial filter

and Coulomb HEPA Filter

captures high efficiency 99.999% of

particles as small as 0.3 microns and

alsofilteras small as 0.006 microns

•Restrains growth of viruses

and bacteria

•“Minus Ion” system

attacks impurities throughout

the room

•Sensor Automatic Operation

auto improved air quality

•Model CAFG2WA@1