Even though many of us might think that our teeth are in good shape, regular visits to the family dentist are very important. Regular care and prevention of diseases in the mouth are the best possible care you can give your teeth. Tackling problems early on will save a lot of bother in the long run – it might save your tooth from an extraction or root canal therapy. It is important to visit your dentist at least once, but ideally twice, a year to get your teeth checked and cleaned. การตรวจพบก่อนมีอาการทำให้การรักษาเป็นเรื่องง่าย .





Comprehensive treatment plan




Step 1:Take images of your teeth from the inside and outside of your mouth
Step 2: Full-mouth x-ray
Step 3:Take an accurate and detailed impression of your gums and teeth used to help you and your dentist visualize during the planning process
Step 4: Detailed oral examination
Step 5: Detailed gum examination
Step 6: Develop a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan